Market Experience

Over the past 31 years, Altitude Agency's team has developed customized creative and integrated services for a variety of businesses, from local start-ups to large international trade finance and Fortune 500 companies.

  • Beauty, Health & Fitness
  • Finance & Insurance
  •  Bars & Restaurants
  •  Energy & Technology
  •  Real Estate & Construction
  • Sports Promotions & Merchandising
  • Non-Profits & Trade Associations
  • Festivals & Shows

Market Sectors

Emerging Technology

As nanotechnologies evolve from experimentation to viable consumer products, high-tech companies are now challenged with translating highly-technical scientific discoveries to the mass market. With an emphasis on customer education and real life applications and testing, Altitude Agency has helped launch new nanotech products internationally through everything from packaging, collateral and website design to dealer education and distributor development and management.


Bars,  restaurants, hotels and travel destinations have demanding promotional needs. They need to keep a high-profile in a dynamic marketplace while maintaining tight budgets. Event marketing, current promotions, solid pricing strategies and cool environmental design combined with quality products are not a luxury, they're a necessity – especially when competing with large, national chains. By combining tight design with an integrated marketing plan, Altitude has helped to increase both foot traffic and profit margins for our bar and restaurant clients.

Finance & Insurance

In the past, all a good insurance agent or financial advisor needed was excellent training and a stack of business cards to grow their business. But as the market grows and becomes more competitive, customers expect more. Your corporate image needs to reflect the professionalism of your service. Clear communications and easy-to-use websites make your services easier to access. Altitude has expertise in developing the solid image and secure interactive online service customers have come to expect.

Sports & Fitness

Whether you are a pro player, fitness pro or you just want to sell your product to fans, Altitude's team brings their very unique sports management, marketing and public relations expertise to the table. If you need professionals that have worked with HBO, Telemundo, and have sold-out large, stadium events worldwide...or needs someone with the guts to do hard-core guerilla marketing tail-gating events nationwide, then you are in the right place. Call us for a consultation.

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