US Envirotech, Inc. - Albuquerque, New Mexico


The client, a company that specializes in bringing emerging nano-technologies to market, was looking for a friction-reducing nano-coating that would help golfers hit the ball straighter, speed up play on the course and have more fun. They needed everything from new product development  and name research to product launch and national campaign management.


After an extensive new product development phase, Altitude helped US Envirotech roll out an undetectable, slick nanopolymer coating wrapped in a fun, high-octane packaging. The product launch included a national PR and social media campaign paired with an extensive, year-long guerilla marketing blitz. Power Straight is now distributed worldwide. This large project included: new product development, name research, branding, trade name submission, package design, market planning, public relations, POS displays, e-commerce web development, web and print advertising campaigns, videography, social media campaigns, guerrilla marketing.

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